Listed below are the calculators and template forms for the Saint Paul Overlay to the Sustainable Building Policy. Note that completed calculators and forms are among the requirements for compliance with the Overlay.

Naming Convention: Each file name is in the form PROJECTNAME_REVISIONDATE_CALCULATORNAME_CALCULATORVERSIONDATE, for example PROJECTNAME_REVISIONDATE_StPaulIndoorWaterUseCalc_110624

Before submitting the completed file to please replace the first two sections with the project name and the date of submission, for example the above file name would change to: BobsLofts_110701_StPaulIndoorWaterUseCalc_110624 for a completed indoor water use calculator pertaining to "Bob’s Lofts", submitted on July 1st, 2011. Note the date format is YYMMDD

Carbon Calculator

Indoor Water Use Calculator

Outdoor Water Use Calculator

Construction Waste Calculator and Log

Indoor Environmental Quality Form (which includes thermal, lighting and indoor air requirements)

Material Selection Log