The Saint Paul Planning and Economic Development in conjunction with the Housing and Redevelopment Authority developed the "Interim Sustainable Development Initiative." This policy was created in January 30, 2007 and amended April 30, 2008 with the Objective of the Initiative: "To make future development projects in Saint Paul more environmentally and financially sustainable by identifying and incorporating proven and tested practices that demonstrate significant measurable results and return on investment." All projects in whole or in part, by the City of Saint Paul PED/HRA including newly constructed buildings of:

Later in 2007, the City of Saint Paul developed the "Sustainable Development Policy for Municipal Buildings." Also in 2007, the City of Saint Paul received a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency an Environmental Assistance Grant to create a green building policy that could be used as a model by other local governments in MN.

The City of Saint Paul hired Ellen Brown as a facilitator and the Center for Sustainable Building Research as content specialist to assist with the development of the policy. A 12 member core steering committee as selected from a 70 member advisory committee for the policy. The charge to the committees was to:

The core steering committee met 20 times over an 18 month period deciding key issues such as

The advisory committee met three times during the process to assist and advise in the formulation of the policy.

This policy was adopted by the Saint Paul City Council on December 22, 2009 and signed by the Mayor shortly after with a effective date July 1, 2010. Today there is over 10 development projects enrolled in the Saint Paul Sustainable Building Policy process.